Consolidating credit card debt good idea robert pattinson and tom sturridge dating

Bringing down a three hundred thousand dollar loan's Annual Percentage Rate by two percent could easily save a family that qualifies around two thousand dollars a year.

All well and good, but say the banks or mortgage brokers charge seven thousand dollars for the transfer and approval?

With more than 20 years experience in the nonprofit credit counseling industry, Kevin Weeks joined the Financial Counseling Association of America (, @Trust FCAA) as its president Dec. Weeks has extensive knowledge of both the credit counseling industry and the FCAA organization, having served in leadership positions for three of its member agencies and on the FCAA board of directors.

In addition, Weeks is working with FCAA members to help develop a long-term solution to the student loan crisis through the website

This type of credit card charges no interest for a promotional period, often 12 to 18 months, and allows you to transfer all your other credit card balances over to it.

You’ll need a good to excellent credit score — above 690 — to qualify for most cards.

These pay-down tips and strategies will help you find out how to pay off your credit card debt.

This strategy is pretty straight forward: You look at all of your balances and the interest rates associated with each.

While the interest paid on bank loans attached to primary residences has always been significantly lower than anything beyond the introductory rates of credit card accounts, the succession of historic lows has meant that even those well heeled Americans with near perfect credit scores and enviable salaries who don't carry a penny more revolving debt than they prefer might save money by refinancing a mortgage taken out four or five years ago.

Whether or not it would make sense to incur the thousands of dollars - perhaps even more, if there's a penalty for early payment of the initial lender - for consolidating credit card debt or merely refinancing the loan depends upon a number of factors, most significantly the length of time that the household intends to stay.

Should you or your spouse's job threaten the slightest odds on a forced relocation, if you have children of the age in which they are likely to enter school, you may well be better off letting things stand.

Credit Counseling offers one of the most common and legitimate ways to get your credit card bills reduced and under control with a single consolidated monthly payment.

There are benefits and drawbacks to working with a credit counseling service.

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