Speed dating advice body language

Here are some of the basics about non-verbal communication that you should know about.Role of Non-Verbal Communication In dating, non-verbal communication can tell you more about a person, sometimes even more than words. The way your date moves or acts can even tell you something significant that words will not.

I wasn't interested in actually finding a date though.

I'm exactly five weeks into my mission to speak Dutch.

While there are major advantages of my German and my English giving me a head start thanks to many linguistic similarities, I have had a major set-back in this mission that has been slowing me down tremendously; simply finding opportunities to converse!

Dutch culture is different to others I am used to; everyone has been very nice and polite to me, and nobody speaks English to me, but after a brief first conversation they tend to disappear, and there is little hope of seeing them again due to their always packed schedules. Luckily I am finally getting through to some people and starting to socialise properly, hanging out for hours or even almost an entire day, speaking just in Dutch.

But for the most part, when I meet people I tend to have a similar first introduction conversation over and over again.

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