Updating wii wiikey

"We have now completely reversed the Wii U drive authentification, disk encryption, file system, and everything else needed for this next generation K3y. " The Wiike U, as it's called, is described as the first optical drive emulator to enable users to play Wii U games from any USB media.The group claims it's compatible with all Wii U models from all regions.A mod chip developer known as Wii Key is now claiming to have reverse engineered the Wii U's disk encryption, making it possible to play "backed up" copies of games via a USB drive.

"Yes, its real," reads an announcement on the Wiikey website.

=============== Version History =============== * v1.3 - Added hardcoded BCA for NSMB game to enable owners of this title to play a backup of it using Wiikey 2.

* v1.2 - Fixed bug with update blocker to enable the ability for own region updates to be allowed (default) or blocked using the config disc - Fixed bug which stopped automatic region detection from working properly if the first game inserted after installation was GC.

Some folks in the scene have predicted that modchips will become obsolete, as Datel has recently released the Free Loader mod DVD disc for the Wii (soft-mod), which makes it possible to play imported games without the danger of breaking the Wii through the modding process.

But still the most important reason for having your Wii chipped stays, and that is to allow you to play backups / wii iso games downloaded from torrents / legal copied games or homebrew. Support Smash Dual for Layer Super Backup Brawl 26. Games/Backups Consoles and of Different Region US Wii Boot JAP on NTSC Direct 28.

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