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Here I have my Health, in this case my runic power (but for other characters, mana, energy and rage) on the left as well. This allows me to have some of the most critical information in the middle of my screen so that I am always in the know of my character’s health, runes, energy, target’s health, etc.

Directly below the HUD I have setup my Need to Know addon with my most critical debuffs on my current target as well as short timed buffs on my character.

Check hardware health of HP Proliant Servers by querying the i LO2|3 Management Controller. Checks if all sensors are ok, returns warning on high temperatures and fan failures and critical on overall health failure. -3: support for i LO3|4 -a: check fan redundancy (only some models) -c: check drive bays (only some models) -o: check power redundancy (only some models) -b: temperature output with location -l: parse i LO eventlog Howto: First test if you can reach the management controller with a web browser.

A PERL plugin using Nagios:: Plugin, IO:: Socket:: SSL and XML:: Simple. The plugin only works if the https interface is reachable.

I prefer, no, scratch that, I LOVE the X-Perl Unit Frames UI addon.

Things like trade skills, mounts, spells I never use in raids, and holiday items do not need to be visible on my screen.

In X-Perl Unit Frames, the ability to right-click to dispell buffs has been temporarily disabled to prevent “Taints” from occuring.

If you use X-Perl, it also currently prevents you from right-clicking buffs displayed by the normal UI. So, for you few peeps out there that love your X-Perl as much as I do, and want to keep using it, but are sick and tired of having to disable the addon in order to right click your Tricks to dispell them, here’s a solution that finally works.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a UI post and it’s been updated a fair bit over the last year or so.

A good UI is an important aspect of raiding, especially for healers.

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