Yellow fever dating

Such men believe all Asian women are docile and hypersexual, and happily project these qualities onto potential romantic partners.

In other words, they prey on Asian women simply because they’re Asian.

But while many see no issue with it, more than a few Asian women find it deeply frustrating.

In a recent article titled ‘I hope you die from yellow fever’, Caressa Wong pulls no punches.

You may know them as Asiaphile, Asian Fetish, Rice Kings, Rice Lovers or Rice Chasers.

Rice Chasers surround themselves with Asian dudes because there is a high possibility that these guys have Asian girlfriends.Yellow fever is the only disease specified in the IHR for which countries may require proof of vaccination from travellers as a condition of entry under certain circumstances.Likewise, countries may take certain measures if an arriving traveller is not in possession of such a certificate.You may know one, you might even have the fever – but for some ladies, these gentlemen are a little difficult to weed out.Here are a few sure fire ways on how to spot a man with yellow fever – and how do I know? He is the Token White Guy in a group of Asians This is one of the most obvious signals of yellow fever – you spot a big group of Asian guys, and he is the token white guy in the mix.

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